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Radio costs

How Much Does Radio Advertising Cost?

We’re going to explain how the price of radio advertising works. If you’re already in the know and just want the numbers please scroll down or click here for our Commercial Production Ratecard. If you’re new to this then here’s a brief rundown of what you need to know. This won’t take long and could even save you money!

When you buy radio advertising there are 2 costs to consider. You need to buy your radio adverts and you also need to buy the airtime to play them in. As a general rule of thumb you should look to spend a minimum of 10 to 15% of your overall budget on creating the commercial or commercials and the rest on buying airtime.

How Much Does A Radio Advert Cost?

The cost of your radio adverts depends on what elements you use and which radio stations you want to play them on. An entry price radio commercial would usually include scripting, production/library music, a voiceover, sound effects, production and a 12 month broadcast license.

You could also have a bespoke piece of music (or jingle) created for your radio adverts, you could use a famous piece of music or have a celebrity as your voiceover. These elements require an increased investment but when done correctly they pay for themselves by significantly increasing the return on your airtime investment.

How Much Does Radio Airtime Cost?

It varies, wildly! You could spend anything from a few hundred pounds to a few hundred thousand. Radio is usually priced on a cost per thousand basis; so if you want to compare radio stations to find out which is the best value for money it’s the cost per thousand you need to be looking at, especially when you compare the cost per thousand for reaching your target demographic.

How To Buy Radio

You can buy airtime directly from a radio station or radio group, but bear in mind that they are there to sell you the brands and products within their portfolio only. They do specialise in radio but they are not independent.

Advertising agencies or media buyers are independent, but finding one that specialises or excels in radio can be tricky. If you need a recommendation we’re happy to help.

Can I Buy Radio Airtime From
Create Create?

Yes and no. We believe in sticking to what you’re good at and for us that’s creating commercials that work. We do however work with partners who DO specialise in buying radio airtime. If you want to keep things simple, cost effective and independent with just one point of contact for radio advertising, you can.

Does Radio Advertising Work?

As part of a media mix radio advertising currently delivers an average return on investment of £7.70 for every £1 spent, so if you get it right you could hit the jackpot.

While you’re looking at costs and thinking about budgets please bear in mind that a great ad will do you no good if your airtime schedule is too weak or poorly targeted, just as the best airtime schedule in the world will never reach its full potential with a poorly scripted, poorly targeted or poorly produced commercial. Not only could you hamstring your return on investment you could also damage your brand.

Ok, now to some numbers…

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Commercial Production Ratecard - Radio 2023

If you need a number of commercials or are planning a campaign on multiple radio stations, or if you are an Ad Agency or Media Buyer, please get in touch for a discounted rate. This ratecard applies to most local and regional radio stations throughout the UK. Rates for national radio stations, streaming services, Greater London radio stations and radio stations with over 750,000 weekly listeners are available on request. Prices exclude VAT at 20%.

RADIO AD – up to 60 seconds duration, includes consultation/brief take, scripting, regulatory clearance, production/library music, Equity ILR rate voiceover/s, sound effects if required, production and a 12 month broadcast license for 1 radio station.

Retag – Changing one line or sentence on an existing commercial. Includes a 12 month broadcast license for 1 radio station.

Relicense – Use of the commercial for up to 12 months on additional radio stations, 1 relicense fee per commercial per additional radio station OR to reuse an existing commercial with an expired license for another 12 months, again 1 relicense fee per commercial per radio station.

Additional Voice - If your commercial features more than one voiceover it will require an additional fee per voiceover per radio station.

Free sample scripts!

What does an effective radio ad sound like? Find out! Get in touch for your free sample scripts today. You can also listen to our work here.

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