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who we are

Every day at work we think “Today’s the day they’re going to catch me out!” because when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work. When you get to come up with ideas and be creative all day long, honestly, it feels like a massive skive!

We know how lucky we are, but we also know that it’s our love for what we do that makes us successful. It’s what drives us to achieve bigger and better results for our clients. It’s the reason every member of our team has won multiple advertising and radio awards. It’s also why the vast majority of our business comes from returning customers and word of mouth referrals.

Better ideas and better results for less money is what every customer wants, and that’s what Create Create delivers in spades.

Where we came from

Our Founder and MD, Rachael, started working as an in house Radio Creative in 2003. After just 10 months working for the former Lincs FM Group she was poached by The Guardian Media Group's Radio Division (GMG Radio). Rachael worked alongside and was mentored by some of the most skilled, experienced and awarded Radio Creatives in the UK... an opportunity that is no longer available to Radio Creatives today due to the changed nature and structure of UK Radio.

In 2006 Rachael went to work for Emap Radio based at Viking FM in East Yorkshire. The Creative Team had been struggling for years. "Turn it around and we'll make you Head of Creative!" they promised. Less than a year later Rachael became Head of Creative and the Creative Team went on to win a London International Award, Multiple Vox Awards, a United Nations Award and was also recognised as The Radio Magazine's Creative Team of the Year 2007.


Later in 2007 Rachael returned to GMG Radio and moved to North East England, joining another struggling Creative Team. Working alongside her then colleague, Gareth, GMG Radio's North East Creative team became the most successful team within the entire GMG Radio Division. In 2014 a huge merger and divestment of radio stations took place in the UK radio market so Rachael and Gareth took the decision to go into business together and enjoyed huge success. At the end of 2019, after more than a decade as a duo (with young families and their own different long term dreams) Rachael and Gareth decided to go their separate ways professionally, but they remain good friends.


Starting from scratch Rachael took all the positives she had encountered while working ‘in house’ for radio groups, but stripped away the negatives. In January 2020 Rachael launched Create Create Limited... well, wasn't that great timing! (insert facepalm here)

But here we still are and here we remain, bringing our own brand of creativity and shedloads of results for our customers!


Thanks to Rachael's interesting career path and vast industry experience you can access the highest level of expertise from a truly independent company while enjoying a much better price and exceptional customer service. We deliberately keep our client roster small, enabling us to give every client the time and attention they deserve. If you want radio adverts that sound amazing, build your brand and deliver results, get in touch today.

who we've worked with

We've worked with hundreds of fantastic businesses, from SMEs to Global Corporations. Here are just a handful of them...

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